Data Centers

Starbucks Center
Seattle, Washington

Located in the basement of the famous Starbucks Center in Seattle, this location offers multiple back up generators and room to grow in this technology hub. We are looking to expand our footprint in the future as demand warrants. This was "where it all started" as the saying goes. This location is specicially used for our lower bandwidth demand clients, and back up solutions at present.

Phoenix, Arizona

PhoenixNap is a world class data center located in the heart of the desert, backed by serious investment in excellence. This location has a mix of bandwidth carriers, and redundant cooling and power units for reliability and performance. We use this facility for our midlevel high bandwidth clients.

Downtown L.A.
Los Angeles, California

The downtown Los Angeles area houses some of the world's central connections points for global communication, as well as the largest internet service providers, and data centers in the business. It is literally the backbone hub between Asia and the west coast of the United States. This location is set up for our high speed clients looking for 1G and 10G port speeds.

More Coming Soon...

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